• Brand: Vip`s Prestige
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Vip's Prestige Permanent Hair Colour Remover

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• Color correction without stress and damage to your hair.

• An advanced effective formula.

• The product can be used more than once in one day or for a short period of time.

• Professiomal result at home!

Product description
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Product description

The product is a system for complete colour removal for hair dyed with permanent oxidizing hair colour. An advanced formula containing special formula, allows complete colour removal from hair, dyed with permanent hair colour, while preserving the natural pigments of the hair. How does Prestige Color OFF work With oxidizing hair colour the colour is formed by a number of tiny molecules, which bond with one another under the effect of the oxidizer and form giant colour molecules, which form the desired colour. This reaction called oxidation takes place inside the hair and once it finishes, colour molecules become too big and are trapped between the keratin tiles of the hair. That is why such colours are called permanent. This decoloring product is completely different both in its action mechanism and in the results from the well known decoloration products such as bleach powder, lightening emulsions, gels and oil. The above listed products have an oxidizing effect and oxidize colour and destroy them, thus removing the colour. Unfortunately, such products together with the process of oxidizing destroy the hair and to a different degree irritate the scalp, while the colour removal is not always complete. Unlike those products, Prestige Color OFF does not have an oxidizing effect. It has a reducing effect and contains activated reducing molecules. They destroy the big colour molecules and reduce them to smaller ones and as a result they can no longer remain between keratin tiles and can be easily washed.


Package containts:

• 1 vial of reductor - 110ml;

• 1 vial of activator - 110ml;

• 1 sachet with conditioning buffer 25ml;

• Instruction for use;

• Protective gloves.


Volume: 245 ml


Manufacturer: Rosa Impex LTD, Bulgaria


IMPORTANT: Always before use, conduct a skin sensitivity test, even if you have previously used the product. Always conduct an allergy test 48 hours before use. Caution! This product is not for persons under the age of 16! Read and follow instructions for safety reasons and best results. Do not use it if you have a rush or sensitive, irritated and damaged areas on your head/scalp, face. If you just experienced any reaction to a temporary "black henna tattoo" in the past. Wear gloves. Avoid contact with the eye! In case of a contact with your eyes immediately rinse with water. Keep away from children! Do not use for eyebrows!


About company: Cosmetic company Rosa Impex LTD was found in 1991 as the first private company in Bulgaria producing cosmetic products. Rosa Impex LTD has been successfully developing for 25 years now and it finally became a leading Bulgarian producer of cosmetic products.


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