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PhytoCare Nourishing Permanent Hair Colour with 5 natural oils, Vegan Friendly

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Enriched with 10 plant extracts and 5 natural oils which provides optimal coverage of the white hair.

Its purified formula does not contain ammonia, PPD (para-phenylenediamine), resorcinol, SLS, parabens and mineral oils.

The colouring gel is also suitable for people with sensitive scalp. It contains over 90% natural ingredients *. All of them are 100% vegan. * The used purified water is also included.

Cannot decide between two shades? always choose the lighter hair dye shade; check the back of pack to see if it is the right hair colour shade for you; if you have long or thick hair, use two hair dye boxes

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Product description

The plant extracts contained in the phytoconcentrate are triaca, verbena, St. William's wort, nasturtium, lime, aloe vera, burdock, thyme, walnut and green tea. On the other hand, the mask that includes the permanent dye Phytocare maintains the duration of the color and combines argan, macadamia, chia, almond and jojoba oils that nourish in depth and give the hair softness and shine.


Directions: Always do a patch test 48 hours in advance of using any home hair dye products. Please always refer to the product for full safety instructions. Top tips for home hair dye: Use an old towel as permanent hair dye may stain it. Apply moisturising cream to your hairline to avoid staining from the permanent hair dye. Hair Dye can only lighten your natural hair colour 1 to 2 levels – check the back of pack to see if it is the right hair colour shade for you. If you have long or thick hair, use two hair dye boxes.
Before starting to dye, put on a protective layer to protect your clothes or even a towel. Prepare a watch to control time while applying hair color. Put on protective gloves. Pierce the membrane of the tube with the rear end of the cap. Squeeze the contents of the tube with the coloring gel, and the packet of PHYTOCONCENTRATE in the vial of the activation emulsion. Replace the lid on the container and shake until you get a homogeneous mixture. IMMEDIATELY unscrew the nozzle from the vial and proceed to apply the mixture on the hair. * Option 1: Apply the dye on all hair for the first time: Apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair, separating it into small sections, by strands. Massage your hair well to distribute the color equally (this is important for a uniform color). Let the color act on your hair for 30-35 minutes. * Option 2: Apply to newly grown roots Apply 2/3 of the mixture on the roots of the hair, dry and unwashed, separating it into small sections. Leave it to develop for 20 minutes./ In 10N and 9N colors this time should be 30 min / After that, apply the rest of the mixture over the entire length of the hair and let it act for another 10-15 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, foam the mixture over the hair with a little warm water and rinse thoroughly until the water clears. Do not use extra shampoo. Apply the mask with 5 oils from the package included in the box. After 2-3 minutes rinse with water.


The set contains:
1 coloring gel - 50ml
1 activating emulsion - 50ml
1 phytoconcentrate - 4.5ml
1 hair mask - 20ml
1 pair of protective gloves
1 instructions for use


Manufacturer: Rosa Impex Ltd., Bulgaria


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