Pharma Hair Men Shampoo Against Hair Loss 200ml

  • Brand: Revuele
  • Cat No: 3800225903158
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This shampoo is designed for gentle cleansing with the main goal of activating new hair growth.


Acts directly on the hair bulb, improving nutrition and helps prevent excessive hair loss.


Suitable for all types of hair.

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Product description

Against hair fallFor intensive growth of new hairThis shampoo is designed for gentle cleansing with the main goal to activate the growth of new hair. This product acts directly on your hair bulbs, improves their nourishment and helps to prevent excessive hair loss. The mild surfactant sulfate free base does not irritate your scalp even with daily use and preserves the protective coating of each individual hair. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It is designed especially for men, considering the specifics of the very active functioning of their sebaceous glands and their denser and more elastic skin than in women

.The active ingredient Vital Hair & Scalp Complex of this product is designed to solve the problem of thinning hair; it improves the health of your follicles, reduces hair fall, acts as an antioxidant and calmd the scalp. This complex increases the amount of collagen and elastin in the dermis of your scalp, enhances the penetration of the active ingredients into hair follicles, it restores the natural shine and strength of your hair. It protects the hair bulb from the aggressive influence of the environment and helps to extend the life cycle of your hair.The Baikal skullcap extract in the plant composition of this shampoo normalizes sebum regulation, enhances the blood flow to the scalp cells and their tissue respiration and nourishment, improves your blood circulation and stops excessive hair fall.

Apart from the active substances this shampoo is enriched with conditioning agents and amino acids that strengthen and restore your hair structure and add a shine and a healthy well-groomed appearance to your hair.


Manufacturer: Revuele Ltd., EU

Volume: 200ml



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