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Nail Therapy Complex Treatment 9in1 Concentrated Nourishing Nails Care Argan Oil, Vitamins

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Total Action formula for Intensive Nail Treatment.

Damaged nails get their shine back and look healthy.

Strong Nail Complex + Argan Oil, Vitamins, Silk proteins.

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Product description

Revuele 9-in-1 Nail Health Complex

Revolutionary formula with an active STRONG NAIL complex that penetrates nail structure, effectively regenerating and reconstructing it. Firms, maximally hardens and stimulates the growth of nail plate. Protects against cracking, breaking and splitting. Helps to restore smooth surface and glossy shine to damaged and matte nails. Enriched with vitamins, proteins and argan oil the treatment moisturizes the nails, gives strength, bleaches, accelerates their growth and effectively neutralizes the harmful effects of household chemicals and the environment. As a result of regular use, your nails will look beautiful, long and well groomed. Get attractive healthy appearance and glossy shine. Solution to all problems - splitting, brittle, slowly growing, weak, not smooth, soft, matte, thin and not holding lacquer. Advanced formula can be used as a base manicure It prevents the penetration of the lacquer in the nail plate and prevents the negative impact of color pigments.


Application! Day 1: apply directly onto nail. Day 2-3: apply the next coat. Day 4: remove the old coats with remover and repeat the treatment. Apply regularly as a base.


Caution! Do not apply onto damaged nail (e.g. after hybrid or acrylic manicure removal). Before use, protect cuticles with olive oil or cream. Avoid eye contact. Inflammable! Not to be taken orally. Contains Formaldehyde. Keep away from children. Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredient. The product must first be tested for 2-3 days. In case of allergic reaction, burning sensation or pain, discontinue treatment.


Volume: 10 ml./ 0,34fl.oz.

Manufacturer: Revuele, Bulgaria


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