Lactacyd Femina Daily Intimate Washing Lotion 200ml

  • Brand: Lactacyd
  • Cat No: 8470002136458
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Unique soap free daily cleanser.

Helps protect your intimate area.

For everyday use.

Contains Lactic acid.

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Product description

Lactacyd Femina daily wash is gentle enough to use every day, and gives you natural protection against intimate irritation.

When Lactacyd Femina Daily Protection Wash is used as part of your normal daily washing, its light soothing consistency will not just cleanse, it will also help you stay fresh and free of discomfort. The secret to Lactacyd Femina Daily Protective Wash is lactic acid.
Your vagina produces lactid acid naturally. It helps maintain your natural pH balance,providing a defence against irritation.
But this delicate balance can be broken down by many factors including bubble bath, soap, deodorants, tight clothing, sex, periods, anxiety and even too much washing.

Now Lactacyd Femina Daily Protective Wash which contains lactic acid, brings you natural protection from sources of intimate irritation.

Recommended use: Can be used in the shower and in the bath as a liquid soap on the outer mucous membranes.
Lather, then rinse thoroughly under running water. Can be used every day.

Safety: Do not use as an internal vaginal douche

Volume: 200 ml.

Producer: Omega Pharma, Belgium



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