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Herbal Time Quinine Water Strengthening Hair Tonic 200ml

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Against hair loss.

Stimuates hair growth.

Contains nettle, caffeine and hot pepper extracts.

No parabens, artificial colors, silicones and SLS.

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Product description

A unique tool in the fight to prevent and reduce hair loss, which combines the power of many proven active ingredients. Quinine helps to stimulate and stimulate hair growth. Suitable for sensitive and allergic scalp. Helps regulate metabolism in the skin and rebuilds hair making it lively and brilliant. The PHYTOCHEM HAIR LOSS SP® Strengthening Complex contains vitamins E and B6, D-panthenol, Biotin, Saccharomyces lysate and Zinc chloride. Also included are Vitamin PP, Nettle, Caffeine and Capsaicin, which add an extra powerful force in the fight against hair loss.


The formula does not contain parabens, artificial colors, silicones and SLS. Also suitable for sensitive scalp.

Active ingredients:

Quinine water - stimulates hair growth.

Phytochem Hair Loss SP® complex - contains Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12 and Zinc Chloride - nourishes and strengthens hair and scalp.

Vitamin B3 - stimulates growth and protects against hair Nettle extract - improves the appearance of damaged and thin hair, giving shine and softness.

Caffeine - stimulates blood circulation on the scalp.

Hot pepper extract (Capsaicin) - helps to improve blood microcirculation and absorption of beneficial substances from hair follicles.

Directions for use: After washing the hair spray on the scalp. For a better effect, repeat several times during the day. Do not spray into mouth and eyes.


Volume: 200ml


Manufacturer: Roza Impex, Bulgaria


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