Health Care

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Kräuterhof Aloe Vera Gel 96% 250ml

This gel contains 96% of the miraculous aloe vera plant. Maintains the natural pH value of the skin

Alter Heideschäfer Ice Gel Massage Gel with Mint and Camphor for Refreshing Skin Care

Mint and camphor help to warm up and refresh the body after muscle or cold and flu conditions. Ment

Alpi Fresh Body Care Petroleum Jelly Lip Balm, Relieve Burns, Softens Skin 125ml

Nourishes and protects the skin For face and lips care in the cold, for example during winter sport

Krauterhof Healing Massage Gel with Comfrey Beinwell

Designed for a soothing and toning massage on the neck, shoulders, back, waist and limbs. The activ

Workaholic’s Extra-Strength Warming Body Balm Gel with Horse Chestnut, Camphor, Arnica,

An extra strength heating gel offering a lasting sense of warmth and comfort with a fast-absorbing,

Workaholic’s Instant Cooling Body Balm Gel with Menthol, Peppermint oil, and Horse Chestnut

A high strength cooling gel offering a lasting sense of cool and comfort with a fast-absorbing, non-

Venil Cooling Foot Leg Massage Gel with Arnica and Wild Chestnut, Oak Bark and Marigold Extracts

✔ Relieves pain, refreshes the legs and feet ✔ Stimulates the venous and lymphatic circulation ✔ S

Krauterhof Topical Skin Massage Gel with Wild Chestnut and Arnica

Cools and revitalises the skin. Ideals for massage naturally cool, calming and revitalise the sk

Krauterhof Massage Gel with Devil's Claw and Eucalyptus, Menthol and Camphor

For refreshing care and soothing massages Contains Devil's Claw root extract as well as eucalypt

Krauterhof Foot Leg Massage Cream with Horse Chestnut and Red Vine Leaves

Regenerative care for tired, heavy felt, swollen or numb feet and legs. Contains herbal extracts

Alpi Fresh Healing Massage Balm Gel with Extract of Devil's Claw

Devil’s claw is one of the most frequently used home remedies for arthritis, pain remedy.

Asam Krauterhof Warming Massage Gel Strong Effect with Horse Chestnut

A reliable solution against cold weather and associated stiffness, chills, frozen limbs. For sup

Alter Heideschäfer Arnica Salbe Massage Ointment Cream

Arnica extract is a traditional remedy for muscle and rheumatic pain, joint stiffness, thorns and mu

Derma Intensive+ Hand Wash Gel Sanitizer , 2pcs pack

Contains 65% Alcohol and Glycerin Clean hands - no soap, no water

Lactacyd Femina Daily Intimate Washing Lotion 200ml

Unique soap free daily cleanser. Helps protect your intimate area. For everyday use. Contains

Lactacyd Pharma Intimate Wash with Antibacterials 250ml

Enriched with thyme extract. Copper usnate, a natural antibacterial. Helps protect your intimate a

Lactacyd Sensitive Feminine Wash with Cotton Extract 200ml

Extra delicate. Perfume-free. Enriched with Cotton Extract and Lactic Acid. For everyday use. Ba

Lactacyd Fresh Feminine Wash with Deo Active Complex 200ml

Long-lasting freshness. Soap free formula. Contains Menthol and deo Active complex™. Contai

Lactacyd Soothing Feminine Wash with Arnica Extract 200ml

Provides relief from minor discomfort. Soap free formula. Enriched with Arnica Extract and Rice Pr