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Bilka Hair Care Tonic Against Hair Loss, Promotes Re-Growth and Strength 200ml

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Revives the hair and vitalizes the scalp.


Natural ingredients.


Recommended for depleted hair affected by hair loss.

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Product description

Revives the hair and vitalizes the scalp. Gives volume and brilliant look to your hair! The highly effective anti-hair loss formula is based on proven traditional medicine prescriptions with herbal remedies and vitalizing hair vitamins that heal, stimulate growth and protect against the harmful effects of the environment.

The tonic contains:


Extracts of nettles, white birch leaves and walnut leaves, that maximize the healing of the hair roots and stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair.


Vitamin C - stimulates hair growth and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp skin, helps against dryness and itching after the use of shampoo. Gives the hair softness and ultra-gloss.


Vitamin PP - a super-conditioner that saturates the hair and scalp with intense moisture and makes the hair stronger. Helps to style it.

Menthol - Strongly nourishes the hair roots in the scalp and is a major factor in the growth of new hair.


Silicone - forms a protective film around every hair, thus preserving the right level of moisture in the hair and providing safe protection against the harmful effects of the environment. Gives volume and shine to the hair.


Result: healthy hair with a shiny appearance, protected from hair loss! Recommended for depleted hair affected by hair loss and to stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair in the absence of vitality of the hair.


Use: Apply tonic to dry or dried hair after washing and massage the roots for 3-5 minutes with light circular movements. Let the hair dry. It is good to combine it with shampoo of the same series - Bilka Hair Collection Hair Loss Shampoo.


Produced by: Bilka Lifestyle LTD, EU


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