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Bilka Hair Care Shampoo Against Hair Loss, Promotes Re-Growth and Strength 200ml

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Revives the hair and vitalizes the scalp.


Natural ingredients.


Nourishes and hydrates the hair and stops hair loss.

Product description
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Product description

Strengthens the hair roots. Strengthens the scalp in depth and stops the hair loss. It thickens the hair. It works after 2-3 weeks of regular washing!


Suitable for strengthening the roots and thickening of hair in men and women and for constant care with weak, brittle and falling hair.


Strengthening shampoo formula is based on: the strongest bioactive "growth factor" derived from Solanium tuberosum (potatoes); Vitamins B5 and PP to stimulate the growth of healthy hair; extract of healing herbs: rosemary, aloe vera, wild garlic and burdock to nourish and hydrate hair and stop hair loss; high-grade tensides (gentle washing ingredients) and balm to revitalize the scalp and hair.


Use: Wet the hair and apply the shampoo. Massage gently the hair and scalp. Let it act for about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Recommendation: Massage the scalp with the soft part of your fingers, thus stimulating blood circulation without damaging your hair.


Produced by: Bilka Lifestyle LTD, EU


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