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  • Eyebrow Expert Powder Eyebrow Tint, Natural Herbs and Color, Complete Set 5.0 Light Brown
  • Brand: Delia
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Eyebrow Expert Powder Eyebrow Tint, Natural Herbs and Color, Complete Set 5.0 Light Brown

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2-in-1 Cosmetic - gives eyebrows a natural color and desired shape while caring for their condition.

Perfect look - Eyebrows become perfectly highlighted, darkened, and optically thickened. The powdery shade gives them a beautiful, natural look.

5.0 Light Brown

Product description
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Product description

Powder Eyebrow Tint - 5.0 Light Brown


Powder Eyebrow Tint for eyebrow coloring is available in two colors: Black, recommended for black and dark hair, and Brown, recommended for light brown, blonde, and red hair.


  • Thanks to the content of Indian herbs not only colors the eyebrows but also cares for the condition of the hair, strengthens and nourishes them.

  • An innovative formula that does not require the use of an activator or hydrogen peroxide - just warm water.

  • The set with eyebrow tint includes all the necessary accessories for the procedure.

  • Product tested under the control of a dermatologist and ophthalmologist.

  • Savings - one package of eyebrow tint is enough for 20 applications.

  • Long-lasting effect - up to 4 weeks on the hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin.


Before the coloring procedure:


  1. Do an allergy test 48h before the planned coloring.

  2. Thoroughly clean the skin and eyebrows.

  3. Apply moisturizing cream around the eyebrows.


Time for color and care!


  1. Pour 2 flat teaspoons of eyebrow tint into the attached cup.

  2. Add two teaspoons of warm water.

  3. Mix until a uniform consistency is obtained (2-3 minutes), until the ingredients are completely dissolved.

  4. Using a brush, apply a thin, even layer, defining the desired shape of the eyebrows.

  5. If needed – you can apply 1-2 additional layers after each previous one dries, for a more intense effect.

  6. After 10-20 minutes, moisten the eyebrows with a cotton swab soaked in warm water, then thoroughly wash off (the duration of the mixture on the eyebrows determines the intensity of the color).

  7. Give the eyebrows the desired shape using tweezers and apply moisturizing cream.


Safety Warning: For external use only

Manufacturer: Delia Cosmetics Sp. z o.o., Poland


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