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Natural Rose Water Spray Skin Toner 230ml

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Skin feels hydrated and refreshed.


No fillers, No chemicals, No preservatives, Alcohol-Free, Glycerin free, Non-Oily, No silicones, No Parabens

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Product description

Purposed for people willing to use health products with natural origin. The natural rose water is produced through distillation of the flower of the oleaginous “ROSA DAMASCENA”. It doesn't contain any chemical preservatives. It is naturally preserved due to the high contents of ether rose oil. The Bulgarian rose water finds application in perfumery, cosmetics, medicine and in the food industry. The Natural Rose Water has antibacterial properties which makes it useful for acne treatment and other skin problems. It has calming and anti-inflammatory effect in cases of rash, allergies and skin irritations. Purifying, softening and moisturizing effect by toning, refreshing and hydrating the skin. The rose water is applied directly to the skin by means of a cotton pad. It can also be used as an active ingredient in cosmetic masks for face and neck by adding 1-2 teaspoons in the mask.


Effect: Anti inflammatory, anti allergic, softening, aromatizing and refreshing. Gives life, hydrates and calms the irritated and sensitive skin.


Application: Apply on the skin several times a day. It does not contain chemical preservatives. Due to the high contents of ether rose oil it is naturally reserved. Suitable for the whole family every day! For external use only!


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