• Brand: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo
  • UPC: 3800007216360

Rose Bulgarian Perfume Natural Original Parfum Long Lasting Fragrance 28 ml

$29. 00
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A charming, timeless fragrance you can layer with your favorite perfume or cologne. Unlike other essential oils, rose original perfume does not overpower and does not evaporate fast. Using a unique fusion of essential oils and non-sticky plant oils, this fragrance varies based on your skin's chemistry.

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Product description

Rose perfume gives a fresh feel and relaxation with our blend of rose perfume, an elegant rose fragrance that captures the petal-like aroma of the rose flower. Essential oils are highly concentrated and ensure a deep, captivating fragrance for exceptional skin care.
The perfume will range in intensity from very light to medium. The rose sensation formula is sure to nourish all types of skin. This paraben-free perfume will undoubtedly become your secret weapon when you want to smell good without trying too hard.
Rose fragrance can be infused into bath oils, colognes, and massage oils. The fresh, delicate, and lingering aroma of the 28 ml body perfume can be applied for any occasion, from relaxing days at home to dazzling nights out.
A luxurious and popular gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, our natural rose perfume makes a great gift. Rose is famous worldwide for its timeless aroma, which evokes feelings of romance and serenity.


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