Slim & Detox Body Correction Hot and Cold Contrast Modelling Wrap 200ml

  • Brand: Revuele
  • Cat No:38002259119
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The product is a two-phase gel wrap of intense action aimed at body sculpt of compromised areas and improvement of the overall skin tone, reduction of stretch marks and cellulitis manifestations. It contains 2 active phases: active heating and at the same time strong cooling. In the hot phase it creates sauna effect, which enhances metabolism and penetration of active ingredients. It helps to reduce body measurements, facilitates elimination of toxins from your body and improves blood microcirculation, and the most important - it helps fighting cellulite by means of improving skin tightness and its appearance. The cryo phase induces intense muscle work, strengthens vessels, stimulates lymph efflux, relieves body from wastes, toxins and excess fluid. It enables coping with swelling, body sculpt, getting away with routine heavy legs feeling. The double effect facilitates the biggest possible acceleration of metabolism processes, fat tissue burning, elimination of excess fluid from the body, improvement of blood and lymph circulation, elimination of decay products, which results in visible slimming effect and the overall detoxication of the body.

Application: apply a thick layer on the skin of problem areas. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to wrap the body in plastic film for 20-30 minutes. After use, rinse off with warm water. A sensation of tingling, warmth and slight redness are normal response to potent ingredients and show the immediate effect of the product. To maintain the effect is recommended to apply the product 2-3 times a week in a course of 1 month.

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