Milva Quinine Hair Growth Shampoo 200ml

  • Brand: Milva
  • Cat No:3800216520166

Quinine is used for Stimulating Hair Growth and Hair Volume.

Revitalize and strengthen thinning hair.

Increases microcirculation for healthy hair growth and strengthens hair for visible thickness.

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The quinine in Milva cosmetic products penetrates the scalp very quickly and increases greatly the blood flow. As a result of the increased blood circulation a large amount of valuable nutrients reaches the hair roots. The hair follicles quickly grow and heal. The overall condition of hair and skin improves, hair loss stops, hair grows faster and healthier. The development of dandruff and skin flakes ceases. Milva shampoo with quinine is an effective cosmetic product based on the action of quinine as the active substance. Growth of healthy and strong hair. Reduces or completely stops hair loss. Regular hair treatment with quinine significally improves the overall condition of the hair, makes it dense, healthy, sleek and supple. The Milva cosmetic products contain many natural ingredients that restore and maintain the natural beauty and vitality of your hair. They accelerate hair growth, stop hair loss, cease development of dandruff and improve the overall condition of the hair and scalp.

How to use: On a wet hair apply 8-10 ml shampoo. Rub gently till foam and rinse with water. It is recommended to repeat the procedure.

Volume: 200 ml

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