Depend Cosmetic Eyebrow Pomade Color Cream

  • Brand: Depend Cosmetics
  • Cat No: 7391715049365

Sculpt, colour and set your eyebrows!

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Product description

Depend Eyebrow Pomade Colour Cream is a useful 2-in-1 product to both colour and set your brows. Apply Eyebrow Pomade Colour Cream with the Depend Eyebrow Duo Brush (sold separately) and brush through your brows for a natural look. The formula sets your eyebrows and gives them the perfect shape and colour. Available in six natural shades: Ebony, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Soft Brown, Caramel and Taupe.


How to:
1. Begin by combing through your brows using the wand end of the Eyebrow Duo Brush (sold separately). Comb upwards and outwards.

2. Take a little Pomade Colour Cream from the jar using the slim, angled brush and work the product in by brushing against the back of your hand or the inside of the jar lid. This is to prevent the product clumping and to stop you applying too much colour in one go.
3. Apply the product in a line along your lower brow line. Start in the approximate middle of the brow and draw the line outward towards the temple and the narrow tip of the brow. Then continue the line in towards the bridge of the nose without picking up more colour. This is to avoid you getting too much colour at the start of the brow, where it is thickest. Most people’s eyebrows are slightly sparser near the bridge of the nose, and we want to keep that for a natural look. So always remember that the brow should be fainter and less defined where it starts, and narrower and more clearly defined towards the outer tip.
4. If your brow is over a growth or a scar, or if for any other reason you do not like its shape, place the line where you want it to be rather than following the existing line under the brow. Pomade Colour Cream will fill in any bare spots in your brow in a natural way.
5. Use the angled brush again, without picking up any more colour, to blend in the line with the rest of the eyebrow in the same direction as your hair growth. The pomade does not dry instantly so you have a little time to work it in.
6. Put a little Pomade Colour Cream on the brush and this time apply it in a line along your upper brow line. Start in the middle, work out towards the tip and then continue to create a fainter and less defined line at the thicker end of the brow. Here you follow the natural brow line.
7. Fill in the eyebrow by applying Pomade Colour Cream along the individual hairs in small strokes. Try to get a stronger and more defined brow towards the far end of the tip and make sure you only use a little product on the inner part of the brow so that it is faint and less defined. You can also carefully shade a little extra along the lower line. Don’t forget to always work Pomade Colour Cream into the brush before application.
8. Brush through the brow with the wand end of the brush so the pomade is distributed and blended nicely and evenly.
9. Finish off by defining the brow further by applying concealer, for example, Depend Eyebrow Duo Styler “Wax & Concealer Pencil”, or highlighter, such as one from the Depend Eyebrow Beauty Kit, all along underneath the brow. Take care to properly blend the highlighter downwards towards the eye for a natural result.


Tips and advice:
If you make a mistake you can easily correct it using a cotton bud.

The pomade can easily be removed using one of Depend’s cleansing products.

NB! Before screwing on the lid after use, re-seal the jar using the protective inner lid in order to prevent the product drying out.


The pack contains: 3 g eyebrow pomade, instructions for use.


Manufacturer: Depend Cosmetics, Sweden



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