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Cameleo Eyebrow Henna Cream Professional Quality 0% Ammonia, PPD

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Convenient method for colouring eyebrows yourself.

Perfect for women of any age.

Eliminates everyday use of brow pencil.

Easy and economic treatment to be done at home.

Dermatologically tested, without PPD, 0% Ammonia

Product description
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Product description

Cameleo Eyebrow Tint Cream - Brown, Dark Brown & Black

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There may be slight differences in colour in real due to different computer and monitor settings!

Please read and follow instructions on the box and inside for safety reasons and best results.

Advanced, creamy eyebrow colourisation, just like from a beauty salon:

* Convenient method for colouring eyebrows yourself.
* Perfect for women of any age.
* Eliminates everyday use of brow pencil.
* Easy and economic treatment to be done at home.
* Simply mix the cream colourant and activator and apply the emulsion with a spatula included in the box.
* After removing henna, shape brows with tweezers in a fashionable or your preffered way.
* Colour intensity depends on application length.
* The treatment done according to the instruction on the box, will give your brows an ideal shape and enhance your eyes.
* The colour lasts for up to 14 days, which lets you forget about everyday brow care and you don’t have to take additional products when you travel.
* Dermatologically tested, without PPD, 0% Ammonia
* The products lasts for 15 applications, which means you can have beautiful eyebrows whenever you want.
* Contains a bowl and a brush for easier and precise application
* Professional Quality After-Treatment

Directions: Before use perform skin sensitivity test, even if you have previously used the product. Read and follow the instructions for best and safe results!
Use an oily cream to protect the skin around the eyes before dyeing. Mix approx. 1 cm of the cream from the tube with 10-12 drops of the activator in a bowl to achieve a homogeneous mixture. Apply the mixture on eyebrows using brush. Leave the mixture for 5-10 minutes. Longer time for dyeing give more intensive colour. Wash the henna with water and soap and rinse off. Afterwards apply moisturizing cream.

The color cream is available in 3 colour: Brown, Dark Brown & Black.

The package contains:
1. Tube of tint cream 15ml/0.50fl.oz.
2. Bottle of 3% activator: 15ml/0.50fl.oz.
3. Bowl
4. Brush
5. Usage instructions in English (please see the box)

IMPORTANT: Hair colorants can cause severe allergic reaction! For professional use only. The procedure is to be performed in a beauty salon or after a consultation with a professional! Caution! Very strong agent. Always conduct an allergy test 48 hours before use. Read and follow instructions for safety reasons and best results. Do not use it if you have a rush or sensitive, irritated and damaged areas on your face/scalp. Contains phenylenediamines (toluenediamines). Wear gloves. Protect your eyes. In case of a contact with your eyes immediately rinse with water. Keep away from children. Mixing ratio 1:1.


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