Botanical Flow Cleansing Green Kaolin Clay Face Mask with Coconut Oil 95% Natural Ingredients

  • Brand: Delia
  • Cat No:5901350475515

Relief for oily skin prone to imperfections.

Has cleansing properties and reduces the production of sebum.

3pcs set

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Cleansing green clay mask with natural coconut water - Relief for skin prone to imperfections


Who am I? Simply something that you need! I was made to freshen up, cleanse and leave you with matte complexion. I work effectively when your skin has visible imperfections, needs to freshen up and get rid of excess oil.

Suitable for oily skin prone to imperfections. 95% natural ingredients. Without parabens, silicones or artificial colouring. Full of kindness!


Green clay – rich in minerals, has cleansing qualities and reduces the production of sebum.

Coconut oil – one f the healthiest oil in the world that well nourishes and soothes the skin.

Coconut water – rich in minerals and vitamins including vitamin C and has antioxidating, conditioning, moisturizing and smoothing qualities.


Packaging: 10 g.

Manufacturer: Delia Cosmetics, Poland

3pcs set

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