Bilka Homeopathy Toothpaste for Kids Natural 6+ 50ml

  • Brand: Bilka
  • Cat No: 3800032910912
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Special care for the gentle children's teeth - to grow strong and healthy!

Safe and delicious natural ingredients!

Does not contain fluoride, menthol, parabens, harmful to children's health preservatives and colourants. Suitable for use during homeopathic treatment.

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Product description

Bilka Homeopathy Toothpaste Natural 6+


The specific thing about homeopathic toothpastes is that they do not contain fluoride and mint. Instead, they contain natural sweeteners and natural plant extracts.

In the new kids gel homeopathic toothpaste there is a combined extracts from calendula, hamamelis and plantango. Calendula cleans and soothes the teeth and the gentle children gums with its soft antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Hamamelis cares for the sensitivity of the gums and prevents from infections occurrence in the mouth. Plantango has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.


The Sorbitol contained in the toothpaste is a natural sweetener and has a pleasant sweet taste.The new gel toothpaste does not contain the traditional sodium lauryl sulfate, but the softer foaming agent – SodiumLauroylSarcosinate. The abrasive used in the toothpaste has soft cleansing action, which spares the kids tooth enamel.


The new kids gel toothpaste is parabens free. It has a pleasant fruit flavor – strawberry and raspberry and it is allergens free.It doesn't contains harmless for the kids health preservatives and coluorants.


Manufacturer: Bilka Ltd., Bulgaria



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